Envision Internet Consulting

Small businesses don’t have small needs. Today, small businesses are required to quickly adapt and integrate new software and web solutions to remain competitive, especially in light of new technology trends (e.g., cloud services, cyberattacks, machine learning, etc.) and the strain of a jarring pandemic.

How can small businesses remain competitive with fewer resources than their larger competitors? Small businesses have to be smarter! We can help you create smarter, more secure technology solutions for your clients. We achieve this by focusing on a process that evaluates and creates solutions in light of established user experience, software engineering, cybersecurity, and machine learning principles.

Smarter, More Secure Technology Solutions

Not all technology solutions are created equal. With our help, you can integrate software, web, mobile, machine learning, and networking solutions that are more effective. So, what do we mean by “more effective?”


Effective technology solutions are user-friendly. This isn’t an accidental quality of a solution. Rather, it is a product of integrating user experience design principles into every step of the design process. We have experience with a broad range of usability analyses (e.g., open/closed card sorts, paper-prototyping, user testing, etc.)


Successful cyberattacks occur every day, and all successful technology solutions start with a careful analysis of potential threats and the costs associated with these risks. Security is not a product, it is a process, and we can help you ensure your technology solutions are developed in light of this process. We can help you perform threat analyses, embrace best-practices in terms of mitigations, and vet possible solutions.

Engineered For Growth

Software, web, mobile, and network solutions must be architected to grow. The needs of clients and customers are constantly changing, and effective technology solutions must be designed to embrace these changes. We develop solutions using an iterative process in which we focus on ensuring extensibility to new requirements, and performance as your business grows.

Intelligent Systems

Machine learning innovations have transformed multiple technologies, and their uptake in use throughout technology solutions shows no signs of slowing down. We can help you apply a broad range of machine learning techniques, including deep learning neural networks, to gain insights into your customer data, and we can implement pipelines that automatically provide actionable updates to your staff.